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Every year, thousands of people are interested in changing their nose’s appearance. This is mostly because people are unhappy with their nose appearance and would like something at their own favor. Others require this surgery because of nasal injuries which result in a change in the appearance of the nose. The surgery involves a surgeon making incisions inside the nose to access cartilage and bones. The surgeon either adds tissue or removes cartilage depending the persons choice.

Why is Rhinoplasty Surgery Available?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure for facial reconstruction. It is usually performed to enhance a person’s appearance or reconstruct any nasal fractures. The goal of rhinoplasty is to restore the appreance of the nose to it’s pre-injury state. Septorhinoplasty is another procedure used to help any breathing problems while rhino itself is usually for cosmetic use.

Is having the surgery a good choice?

Yes it it. Before a person gets the surgery they need to make sure that their nose is fully developed. In order for a person to have a developed nose, they should be atleast 16 years of age. A person should also come in contact with doctors and ask if any additional surgery will be needed with the cosmetic surgery.

Is there any reason for people to be afraid?

Just like every surgery there is, there are risks. For the most part, the risks are very unlikely to happen due to the highly experienced surgeons. The surgery is worthit if a person wants to change their nose’s appearance.

Is there anything I should know of after the surgery?

After surgery, a splint is put on for about a week or two. When the splint is removed, bruising and some swelling around the nose and eyes can be visible. A doctor may give you medication to handle this. Depending on what you told, it can take weeks or months for a person to return to everyday

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